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Autumn tree care tips from the experts

The experts from Town and Country Tree Services explains how to look after your trees as we go from Summer to Autumn…

Remember to rake up leaves once they have fallen. This helps to prevent any disease that may be on the leaves from over wintering. 

Apply a good autumn fertiliser that will promote root growth over leaf growth. 

When selecting new trees, it’s sensible to purchase a species native to your area’s hardiness zone. Trees native to milder climates may experience significant stresses during winter months. 

In preparing for winter, remember to prune only after your trees have entered dormancy to reduce the risk of new growth. 

Lay down a layer of mulch around the bases of your trees to moderate temperature fluctuations and moisture loss. Don’t forget to leave a space
between the mulch and the stem of the tree to prevent bark decay. 

Check occasionally during the autumn months for signs of squirrel damage. Seek advice on control if necessary. 

Carry out a pre-winter inspection of your trees every year. Promptly treat any damage that you may find. 

It’s important to maintain good tree upkeep throughout the year. Strong, healthy trees will always have an easier time than weaker damaged ones.

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The Wealden Eye Magazine | November/December 2020 Issue
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