Crowborough residents visit Prime Minister’s Questions

Two Wealden residents, Paul Oakley and Cristopher Elphick, from The Warren, Crowborough visited Parliament last week, to witness the Prime Minister answering questions in the Commons Chamber.

The two admired the architecture and the paintings adorning the Palace of Westminster, channelled recollections of history lessons in trying to name the Prime Ministers immortalised in the sculptures in Central Lobby, and got to witness close up the robust and noisy Prime Minister’s Questions.

The Prime Minister was quizzed on a number of issues, from measures to improve public safety, when it comes to foreign-born serious offenders, to the Coronavirus outbreak.

From the raucousness on the Opposition backbenches, to the historic surroundings in which they found themselves, Paul and Chris enjoyed a truly unique experience in the public gallery above the House of Commons Chamber.

Wealden Mp, Nus Ghani said; “I am glad to learn that yet more constituents came to visit Parliament. This is a truly unique place, with a fantastic history, a vibrant present and, no doubt, a bright future.’

‘I urge all constituents and all Wealden schools to book trips to Parliament. Seeing democracy in action is a wonderful experience which bridges the perceived gap between Westminster and the rest of the country.’

‘Such visits may also prove to be inspirational, especially for schoolchildren, who may feel encouraged to follow their dreams and aim high when it comes to their career choice. I write to every school in the constituency every year to persuade them to book visits to the Parliamentary Estate and the Parliamentary Education Centre.’

The Wealden Eye Magazine | November/December 2020 Issue
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