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Did you know that you can request delivery of the Wealden Eye?

Something we get asked about a lot is why we changed from delivering the Wealden Eye to houses and moving to a method of relying on people picking them up from the shops, businesses and public places around the area.

So to explain, there are a couple of reasons – one key reason was we felt that in order to ensure that people who actually wanted a copy can get actually get one this method served us all better – so rather than us delivering to lots of homes that maybe didn’t take time to look through the magazine and then another person who wanted one not able to find a copy. So we make them available in as many places as possible.

Another reason though was of course to do with cost. The magazine now has a much clearer focus interesting content, so to this end we have actually reduced the quantity of advertisements and increased the amount of pages dedicated to the articles and editorial – as quite honestly in our opinion the community focus is what the magazine is all about.

This though meant we had to change the costs of production of the magazine and the delivery was one area where we felt we could make a saving. We certainly didn’t want to reduce the quality of the paper, print or design – indeed we wanted to (and have) improved many of these aspects of the magazine!

We will be publishing a complete list of all of the distribution points where you can collect the Wealden Eye from both in the magazine and here online in time for the next issue which will be out in early June, alternatively please don’t hesitate to request a delivery if you are unable to find a copy local to you.

The Wealden Eye Magazine | November/December 2020 Issue
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