AJ Baked
Long Description:

Over the past 10 years I’ve slowly turned to baking as stress relief, nothing better than laying all the ingredients out, and coming up with something new, or taking an already published bake and making it my own. Kind of losing myself in my baking.

I’m a HUGE chocoholic, and I try to incorporate it into as many bakes as possible.
I learn more and more each time working with chocolate so I’m constantly trying new things.
I hope to be able to make these things to sell one day. Be it markets or to cafes/coffee shops in the future.
Only fair to share!

If you see something you like, or want to know more about a certain bake, just let me know.

For now, this is just somewhere for me to share what I love to make, and those that have been lucky to get my samples dropped to their doors, somewhere for them to leave me unconditional feedback 😉

Phone Number: 01323 819839
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