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Namibia – the home of deserts and so much more

Home to stunning scenery that varies regularly and stunning wildlife and sea life. If you enjoy geography, geology and unspoilt landscape the different regions will offer you huge variety of all of these.

Experience Holidays in Hailsham writes for The Wealden Eye…

Nor should you think that there is little in the way of wildlife or birds here – Namibia is the home of desert adapted elephants, rhino and lion as well as other plains animals.

The “wave” type dunes of the Kalahari are sometimes hundreds of miles long with the tops being the red sands but in between the dunes is found grass and trees – perfect home for much animal and bird life. The Namib Desert offers you “star” shaped dunes which are allegedly the tallest in the World. It is also the home of the desert adapted elephants et al. There is nothing like catching a balloon ride over these dunes at dawn and watching them change colour as the sun rises. Or drive along the beach to see where the Namib meets the South Atlantic; all the while looking out for dolphins, cormorants, seals and perhaps a whale. Perhaps quad bike or sand board down the dunes in Swakopmund, the adventure capital of Namibia
The Succulent Karoo offers great walking through its rocky mountains and stunning views as a reward for your efforts. The Nama Karoo offers you stunning views across the second largest Canyon in the World – the Fish River Canyon. You could even take a self guided walk through parts of the Canyon.

As a change from the deserts, thinking of heading to Etosha National Park, home of large numbers of animals and birds and a good chance to see all the Big 5. Or head to the greenness of the rivers that are the northern border of Namibia and home to pods of hippo, buffalo, otters, crocs and a host of birds.

So much to see and do. Give us a call soon to book your trip – it is one of those countries that has limited availability in the best locations.

The Wealden Eye Magazine | November/December 2020 Issue
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