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Nothing celebrates festive period more than the beauty of a Pointsettia

As we head into winter and with the festive season around the corner there is only one flower which symbolises Christmas more than any other, the Poinsettia.

Greg Rose from Flowers by Maybugs, based in Hailsham town centre tell us more…

This plant is symbolic of purity, good cheer and success and is the birth flower for December.

Typically red, there is also white and even a blush pink variety, which is said to bring wishes of Mirth and celebration.

Poinsettia plants are native to Central America, especially an area of southern Mexico known as ‘Taxco del Alarcon’ where they flower during the winter.The ancient Aztecs called them ‘cuetlaxochitl.’

If you look after it well, your Poinsettia will flower year after year. Keep it warm, around 16 degrees all year and out of direct sunlight. Only water when the top soil is dry and most importantly, avoid draughts at all costs!

Of course there are many other flowers and plants which are synonymous with the winter season, the Christmas Rose and Helleborus, Holly, Mistle-
toe and of course that fabulous Christmas Cactus.

However don’t let that hold you back, there are so many dried varieties available which are just as stunning, in fact why not treat yourself to a bouquet of hydrengrads and try drying them yourself?

Simply hang them upside down in a warm spot and watch as they slowly crisp up.

Dried flowers are a key trend in floristry this season and, at Flowers by Maybugs, we are being inundated with pre-orders, so why not give it a go yourself.

Your home-dried hydrangeas, coupled with some pampas grass, peacock feathers and foraged holly, will look fabulous in a Christmas wreath or table arrangement, plus you’ll get the pleasure of knowing you’ve made something beautiful too.

Whatever you do this Christmas, bring the outdoors in and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.

The Wealden Eye Magazine | November/December 2020 Issue
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